Tree Surgeons providing Hedge & Woodland Maintenance in the North East

Tree Surgeons providing Hedge & Woodland Maintenance in the North East 2021-02-08T18:42:08+00:00

Professional Tree Surgeons in the North East

As renowned, independent and vastly experienced tree surgeons we can confidently ensure our customers of the quality of our work. From site clearance and woodland maintenance to hedge maintenance and complex tree care & removal projects we are on hand to deliver cost-efficiency and the finest quality services. Our trusted team of tree surgeons provide the best possible advice and recommendations and we are proud to work with both business and domestic clients across the North East.

Tree Surgeons providing Hedge & Woodland Maintenance in the North East

Our Services Include

Pruning & Reshaping

Site Inspections

Site Clearance

Hedge Maintenance

Woodland Maintenance


Vegetation Control

Tree Care & Removal

Tree Surgeon in North East England

Our tree surgeons specialise in challenging tree care & removal projects and are highly skilled and experienced in the use of machinery. Our chippers, chainsaws and stump grinders are state of the art and each project is carried out with maximum safety. Every tree surgeon on our team will offer you the most optimal advice and recommendations and ensure the specific needs of your project are successfully met. Whether you require arborists for your residential or commercial spaces our woodland maintenance, hedge maintenance, tree care & removal and site clearance services are second to none.

Hedge maintenance is the ideal way to keep your outdoor areas beautiful the whole year round. Additionally, it enables our tree surgeons to spot and quickly rectify any problems. Along with offering economical benefits our woodland maintenance helps attract wildlife and ensures environmental advantages and our site clearance services ensure all areas are comprehensively prepared and cleared prior to the start of any construction work.

Should you need a skilled and experienced tree surgeon please call us for details of our services and cost-effective pricing structures.